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From intensely hot summers to torrential hurricane seasons, Florida weather can be extreme. As a result, residential Florida homes take quite a beating each year—leaving roofs with damages that range from minor repairs to serious structural damage. The frequency and variety of these harsh elements can compound troublesome roof damages and cause minor roofing problems to become more serious as time goes on.

Here are five roofing problems caused by Florida climates and storms that should be taken seriously and addressed by professional roofers.

Common Storm Damage in Central Florida

Although a sudden instance of traumatic roof damage can occur, most roofing problems stem from consistent wear and tear. Common roofing problems due to Florida climates and storms include:

  1. Pooling water – Clogged gutters combined with torrential rain can allow water to pool on rooftops. Sitting water on the roof can rot soffits and lead to roof sagging issues. Unclogged gutters and well-leveled and designed roof should properly redirect water runoff away from your home.
  2. Shingle damage – Over time, heavy winds can cause reduced uplift resistance, shingle blow-offs, tenting, and billowing. These issues need to be addressed immediately if they occur as they can lead to interior leaks.
  3. Leaking – Each serious storm gradually weakens your roof and creates or exposes weak spots. Broken shingles and exposed underlayment are ripe for leaks, mold, and mildew growth.
  4. Weak spots – In addition to heavy rain, hail, branches, limbs, and other fly-by debris can smack into your roof and create weak spots or even punctures in your roofing. Such damage can compromise your roof’s structural integrity, which can result in dangerous leaks and potential roof collapse.
  5. Underlayment concerns – High winds can not only blow shingles away, but the underlayment can be affected as well. With exposed underlayment, it wouldn’t take much more debris hitting the same spot for very serious roofing problems to arise.

When it comes to harsh Florida weather, it’s not a matter of if but when roof damage will occur. If your home has been the frequent target of storm damage in Central Florida, then it is time to call Davis Roofing & Restoration.

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