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Cleaning the tile on your roof is the best way to give your home a fresh new look. Tile roofs get dirty quickly as they are completely exposed to all sorts of outside weather and debris. Florida’s intense wind, hail, and rain can damage tile roofs, causing cracks and moss and algae growth.

While tile roofs generally last longer than asphalt roofs, giving your tile roof maintenance is essential to its longevity. If you’re wondering how to clean a tile roof in Florida, here are a couple of tips to get you started.

The Best Way to Clean a Tile Roof in Florida

  1. Remember to put safety first. Taking the proper safety precautions is essential when working on your roof or at high elevations. Before climbing onto your roof, put on sturdy, non-slip shoes, gloves, and goggles and consolidate whatever cleaning materials you choose into a single bucket. Ensure your ladder firmly rests against your roof and is placed on flat ground. If possible, have someone hold the ladder as you climb. The sturdiest areas to walk on a tile roof are where the tiles overlap. While you are up there, trim back any overhanging tree branches and remove any debris that has settled on your roof. This will help you prepare for the cleaning process.
  2. Clean and treat the roof tiles. The best way to clean a tile roof in Florida is to remove any caked-on dirt with water using a pressure washer on a low psi setting. Starting on one side, spray water from the ridge of the roof down to the gutters. When you are done with the first section, slowly move down, repeating the same motion until you reach the other side of the roof. Moss growth is common on tile roofs but varies from state to state, depending on the climate. Allow your roof time to dry before applying any chemical treatment to kill moss. Once you apply the treatment with the pressure washer, let it soak into the roof before rinsing it away using the same method you used to initially spray down the roof.
  3. Provide consistent maintenance. To preserve your hard work, clean your roof off as soon as you see any moss growth or debris to prevent it from spreading or damaging your roof tiles. Also, have your roof regularly inspected for damages to the tile as a minor crack can turn into a major cost down the road.

Professional Tile Roof Maintenance in Central Florida

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