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If you are thinking about buying a new roof, then you are likely weighing the pros and cons of the many different roofing materials that are available on the market. With so many materials to choose from, it can be quite difficult to decide which is best for your roof. However, when deciding on a new roof, there are a few factors you should consider about each material, including the appearance and style, cost, durability, lifespan, and weather protection characteristics.

Here are some of the most popular roofing materials you may consider, and the pros and cons of each.

5 Different Types of Roofing Materials

  1. Asphalt Shingle – If your top consideration for roofing is price, then look no further than asphalt shingles as they are typically the least expensive and best-valued roofing material on the market. That said, asphalt shingle is a wide category, and materials within the category can range in quality, predicted longevity, and appearance. Some types that are typically recommended are architectural shingles and laminated shingles. These shingle types are both known for their long lifespan.  
  2. Clay and Concrete Tile – Available in both clay and concrete, tile roofing is known for its beauty as it is commonly seen in areas with large amounts of Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. While both types of tiles will typically last up to 50 years, clay tiles can be more prone to breaking. Therefore, concrete tiles have become the popular choice for those looking for longevity in their residential roofing material.
  3. Metal – Typically made from steel or aluminum, metal roofing may seem like an uncommon choice. However, this residential roofing material has become popular because of its durability. In addition to being great at shedding snow, it is also resistant to fire, insects, mildew, and rot. That said, metal roofs can be very expensive.
  4. Slate – One of the most historical types of roofing, slate is a long-lasting and classic choice of roofing material. While traditional slate will often be expensive and heavy, there are many modern slate-like materials that are cheaper and lighter because they are made from plastic composites, among other materials. Furthermore, many slate alternatives are resistant to rot and mildew, therefore maintaining the longevity of traditional slates.
  5. Wood – Like slate, wood is another classic roofing material that has been around for centuries. One of the most obvious appeals of wood is its look. Wood roofing can be incredibly beautiful and may suit the aesthetics of your home quite well. Furthermore, wood as a roofing material is easy to install and can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years depending on how well you maintain it. However, wood is not a good material for areas that are prone to frequent fires and must be treated with fire-retardant. Furthermore, high-quality wood roofing can be on the expensive side.

No matter what material you end up choosing, rely on the licensed and registered experts at Davis Roofing & Restoration for knowledgeable guidance and excellent roofing services that fit your needs, schedule, and budget.

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