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Each year, hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through November 30. It’s important to protect your roof from a hurricane as it is your biggest defense against dangerous winds. You should make sure your roof is hurricane-proof before a storm hits so it’s the last thing on your mind. Here are 10 ways to protect your roof during hurricane season.

10 Tips for Hurricane-Proofing Your Roof

  1. Check Your Insurance Policy –Before you go out and make any changes, check your policy first. If your insurance doesn’t include protection for your Central Florida home during hurricane season, repairs may be more expensive. It’s helpful to know what damages and deductibles are covered by your homeowners insurance policy in case something happens to your roof.  

  2. Inspect Your Attic – The first place to check while protecting your roof is the attic. It’s important to look for any vulnerable spots in the ceiling. Take note of any dark stains or standing water which could signify leaks in your roof that you’ll want to repair or patch before the storm.

  3. Fix any Loose Shingles or Tiles – Hurricanes can produce winds up to 155 mph. A loose shingle or tile can be ripped from a roof and turned into a dangerous projectile. Torn off shingles also expose your home directly to the torrential downpour. It’s important to check for loose shingles so they can be reinforced.

  4. Clean Up Your Roof – Remove any leaves, branches, or excess amounts of debris from your roof. A clogged gutter will allow water to pool, which could leak into other parts of the home and cause roofing to sag. In addition to cleaning gutters, check for any rust on your roof. It could be a sign of a weak roof that could collapse.

  5. Clear and Secure Your Yard – Lawn chairs, toys, and other outdoor appliances can be thrown around during a hurricane. To protect your roof and other nearby structures, they need to be secured. Consider tying down these large pieces of equipment or move them inside if you can.

  6. Trim the Trees – After securing your yard, take a look at the natural landscape. Trees that tower over your roof will pose no match for the high winds and dangerous lightning. Dead limbs can also be picked up and thrown in the wind. Trimming and properly disposing tree limbs will make sure none come crashing through your roof during a heavy storm.

  7. Survey the Boards – Take a look at the fascia and soffit boards of your home. Fascia boards are found just below a roof’s metal trim, and soffit boards are located underneath the overhang. Rotting boards indicate weakness in your roof. If there is any sign of decay, consider replacing them.

  8. Purchase a Tarp – In case your roof is damaged during a hurricane, tarps will provide temporary emergency cover until a solution can be found. Supply could run short, especially after a storm, so purchase a few tarps at the start of hurricane season to be safe.

  9. Add Reinforcements – The more layers of protection you have on your roof, the harder it will be to damage during a hurricane. Hurricane straps and water barriers are efficient reinforcements in protecting your roof. Both of these additions can also qualify you for insurance discounts.

  10. Have Your Roof Inspected – After you’ve taken every precaution to protect your roof, it’s best to have it inspected. While you can inspect your roof yourself, it’s recommended to get an expert opinion as a professional roof inspector can identify weaknesses in your roof you may have missed.

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