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When the spring cleaning season rolls around, homeowners often forget to give their roof a little TLC. However, your roof requires just as much annual maintenance as any other area of your home.

Here are a few helpful spring cleaning tips to keep your rooftop in tiptop shape year-round.

Spring Cleaning Roof Tips

Before attempting to clean your roof, be sure that you have all of the cleaning and safety gear needed to complete the job. You will especially need reliable footwear to ensure solid footing and avoid falls when walking on your roof. Once geared up and ready to go, climb a sturdy ladder and follow these roof cleaning tips:

  1. Clear off debris. Before cleaning your roof, it is important to remove any limbs or debris. You can do so either with your hands or a leaf blower. Do not use a pressure washer to clean your roof as it could strip away shingles and protective materials.

  2. Wash away mold and mildew. Excess debris on your roof can lead to mold and mildew. Make sure you get rid of any mold or mildew ASAP since they can be a serious health hazard. Signs of mold or mildew include strong odors and slick, green-colored streaks.
  3. Examine your roof for loose shingles and soggy roofing. Oftentimes, heavy winds and rain can cause shingles to loosen or fall off, which can lead to water damage or mold growth. Excessive pooling can also cause roofing materials to soften and sag. Make sure if you find any loose or saggy roofing, that you contact a roof repair professional immediately to reinforce your roof.

  4. Inspect the flashing around vents and chimneys. Flashings can sometimes separate from the chimney, which allows bugs to get inside your home. It is usually difficult to detect these damages and repair them, so having your roof professionally inspected is recommended.

  5. Clean out your gutters. Be sure to check your gutters to ensure rainwater can properly flow through them, otherwise, they can get backed up, overflow, and saturate your roofing. So, if they appear clogged, clean them out.

  6. Trim back tree branches. If a tree branch falls onto your roof during a storm, it can puncture your roof or severely compromise its structural integrity. Small, overhanging branches can easily be removed yourself, but larger tree limbs should be removed by professionals to mitigate disaster.

  7. Check your roof from your attic. A good way to clean your roof is by examining it from underneath in your attic. Water damage and mold issues could be a sign of leaking from your roof but could also be caused by issues with insulation or ventilation. If any significant leaks are identified, call your local roofer to patch them before mold and excessive water damage spreads.

  8. Rely on roofing professionals. Cleaning your roof on your own can be a very complicated, time-consuming, and even dangerous process, so it is recommended that you hire roofing professionals to properly get your roof in the best shape possible.

Your Local Spring Cleaning Roof Maintenance Professionals

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