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If you’re not a roofing expert like us at Davis Roofing and Restoration, it can be a little difficult to tell if there’s a roof repair needed, especially to the shingles. Roof shingles can be deceiving because sometimes their exterior looks just fine and they seem to be doing their job, but they may be damaged from the interior. This can cause a mess of problems if not properly fixed. As a responsible homeowner, you should leave the roof examinations up to the roof repair experts. But, here are a few ways that you can tell if your shingles need to be replaced or repaired.

  1. Missing shingles. Well, this may be obvious but if you look at your roof and some of your shingles are missing, you need to call a roof repair expert right away. Missing shingles can lead to more problems for your roof including exposure to elements like rain and humidity.
  2. Wavy shingles. If you’re noticing that your shingles are starting to turn up at the corners, it’s time for a roof repair that includes the replacement of these shingles. All it takes is a gust of wind for you to lose the shingles. Shingles that are curling can also be a culprit for allowing the frame and decking to be exposed to harmful weather elements.
  3. Stains on the ceiling. Sometimes, simply looking up inside your home can be all you need to do to see if your shingles are going bad. Water stains on your ceiling or in the attic can be a grave sign that you need a roof repair. Even the smallest of leaks may mean that shingles need to be replaced on the roof.
  4. Cracking or Damage. Shingles that have started to crack or blister from exposure to the sun are begging for a roof repair expert to help. These small cracks and damages to the shingles affect the entire validity and health of the roof. If they aren’t repaired as soon as possible, the other roof materials are more susceptible to damage.

If you suspect that your home needs a roof repair or needs replacement shingles, give us a call at 407-436-4587. As roof repair experts we can hop on your roof and investigate the problem. Once we’re able to assess the situation, we can recommend what types of roof repairs need to take place to keep the roof sound and long-lasting.