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Extreme weather conditions can be detrimental to residential and commercial properties if precautionary methods of damage prevention are not utilized ahead of a severe storm. Here are some ways you can ensure that your roof is prepared and ready to withstand any weather condition that Mother Nature throws its way.

4 Storm Damage Prevention Tips

If not properly installed or maintained, roofs can be very susceptible to storm damage. Fortunately, there are several roofing repair and maintenance tips to help prevent harsh weather conditions from affecting and damaging your roof.

The four main ways to prevent severe weather damage to your roof include:

  1. Cleaning Your Gutters – To prevent water damage from pooling and seeping into your roof, it is vital to keep the gutters clean and unclogged to encourage proper water runoff.

  2. Trimming Your Trees – Keep nearby trees, hedges, and bushes from overgrowing and interfering with your roof as heavy limbs and branches can puncture your roof during a storm.

  3. Ventilating Your Roof – Having your roof properly ventilated will secure your home and ensure that factors such as shingles do not break and fly away in the case of a windstorm.

  4. Inspecting Your Roof – While there are many ways to protect your roof from damage ahead of a storm, the most vital step is to have the state and condition of your roof assessed by a qualified roof inspector. Having your roof thoroughly inspected by professionals once or twice a year can help prevent future storm damage. A roofing expert will check for areas of exposure, sagging or bubbling roofing, and damaged shingles for signs of water pooling underneath the surface.

Professional Roof Protection and Storm-Proofing

The licensed and registered roofing experts at Davis Roofing & Restoration provide Lake, The Villages, and Orange County, Florida residents with high-quality roof inspection, repair, and installation services that leave roofs protected from future storms.

Our team is also available to conduct immediate emergency inspections ahead of approaching severe weather to determine the condition of your roof as well as any necessary roofing repairs or replacements. If you are in need of durable, dependable, and affordable roofing services, contact Davis Roofing & Restoration today at 407-436-4587 to schedule a complimentary roof inspection and receive a free estimate from one of our residential roofing experts.