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Flat roofs are most typically used for large commercial structures and buildings. Though they may not be as aesthetically pleasing when compared to other roofing options, flat roofs offer many advantages to both residential and commercial property owners. Here are some of the benefits to consider when choosing to invest in a flat roof.

Flat Roofing Advantages

Common advantages of a flat roof include:

  1. Affordable Prices The first advantage is the low cost. Flat roofing only costs 0.80 cents per foot, and labor is also cheaper since there is less risk involved when installing a flat roof instead of other, steeper roofing styles. Flat roofing is also easier to maintain, making it less expensive in the long run. You can also more easily install solar panels on the flat roof, helping you save money on monthly electricity costs.

  2. Extra Space – Flat roofs provide more room for your interior by allowing you to store objects like air conditioning units and other equipment on the roof instead of on the ground. You can also create a lounge area complete with lawn furniture or a rooftop garden on top of your roof with a flat roof.
  3. Easy Repairs   Flat roofs are quicker to install, easier to maintain, and faster to repair than slanted roofs. Gutters are easier to clean as well, and flat roofs are safer to climb onto for roof inspections.

Disadvantages of a Flat Roof

Though there are many flat roofing advantages, there are also some disadvantages you should be aware of. There are fewer material options available for flat roofing, but all of them are less expensive than alternate roofing styles. Flat roofs also have a limited lifespan of 10-15 years, but they are less expensive and easier to replace. Flat roofing also lacks a steep pitch which prevents it from draining as effectively as roofs with a slope. However, if installed and sealed professionally, flat roofs are more likely to drain properly.

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The Advantage of Hiring a Flat Roofing Expert

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