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Shingle roofs are pretty versatile. Their design and installation can allow for piecemeal repair, which is handy if you live in an area with frequent harsh weather. However, your home can’t survive on a patchwork roof forever. There will come a day when a full roof replacement is necessary.

With greater savings and less labor involved, individual shingle replacement and repair is ideal, but it’s important to recognize when it’s time for a full roof replacement. To decide what the best route is for you to take with your roof, here are a few considerations you can make regarding replacing your whole roof or just the shingles.

Single Shingle Replacement or Whole Roof Replacement?

Taking a closer look and comparing the two roof repair options will help you in your decision.

Shingle Replacement

Roof Replacement

Your roof is arguably the most important aspect in keeping your house protected from outside elements, so review these signs carefully to see what your best option is.

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