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When relaxing at home, the last thing you want to see when you look up is water dripping down from a brown spot on your ceiling. Roof leaks can cause significant harm to your home such as water damage to your attic, floors, and furniture, as well as rot, mold, and mildew growth—which is why roof leaks should be handled quickly. To help you find where the leak is coming from and quickly secure your home from further damage, here are some common causes of roof leaks and areas where they usually occur.

Common Roof Leaks Causes

  1. Broken shingles – Heavy storms and high winds can cause roof shingles to break off and allow water to seep underneath. These leak sources are easy to find because shingles rest on the outer layer of the roof. If you spot a different colored patch from the rest of the roof, that would indicate a missing or broken shingle that needs to be repaired.

  2. Cracks in the chimney – The mortar of the chimney can erode in harsh weather climates. Signs of wear and cracks are often seen along the mud cap or mortar area, located around the top of the chimney. Other things to look out for are holes near the mortared joints and any loose shingles around the chimney where water can penetrate.

  3. Clogged gutters – Gutters help water move away from the roof. However, if the gutters get clogged, the water will stop moving and accumulate to form a puddle on the roof. Such pools of water can deteriorate roofs, causing sagging, cracks, and leaks to develop. If you notice little-to-no water flowing out of your downspouts during or after rainfall, then your gutters need to be unclogged.

  4. Improperly sealed valleys – Usually sloped, valleys are where two flat surfaces of the roof meet. Over time, water flowing down the seal of the valley can cause it to erode and allow rain to seep through. If you notice wet spots along the seams of your roof, then the valleys have likely become damaged and need to be resealed to avoid roof leaks.

  5. Cracked vents – Roof vents look like the small pipes that stick out of the top of your roof and are used to drive out excess moisture from the inside of your home. The leaks from this area look like dark spots and can cause the roof to decay or the flashing to break over time.

  6. Leaky skylights – The cause of this type of roof leak is often due to decayed insulation around the skylight’s edges or an improperly measured, fitted, or installed skylight. This is another easy leak to catch because you’ll notice wet spots near the skylight and likely have to place a bucket where water is dripping.

  7. Cracks in the flashing – Flashings are the thin pieces of metal placed under the shingles and along the joints of your roof to protect it from leaking. Cracks in the flashing can be caused by wind and rain damage or erosion in the seal due to exposure over time.

Professional Roof Leak Repair Services In Central Florida

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