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While a roof replacement is an opportunity to strengthen your home, it’s also an opportunity to give it a new look. Your roof makes up around 40% of your home’s visible exterior, and a total roof replacement can last for decades. Therefore, it’s important to pick a roofing material color that will stand the test of time while also keeping you and your home protected.

4 Roof Color Considerations

Before you pick a new shade for your roof, here are a few factors to consider.

  1. Your Local Climate – The color of your roof can affect the temperature of your home’s interior. Light-colored shingles and materials such as metal will reflect heat during the summer and keep the inside of your home cooler, which is great for Central Florida homes due to the local climate’s hot summers and mild winters. Conversely, dark shingles and asphalt absorb heat. They may look nice, but they’ll keep your home warmer year-round.

  2. Your Home’s Features – Believe it or not, the features below the roof might be the best guides to your exterior color palette. Look at the shades of your windows, siding, doors, and any other design features. Ask yourself if you want a shade that complements these colors, or if you want to contrast them. An outdoor area such as a deck, patio, or porch could also provide some color inspiration.

  3. Your Home’s Architectural Style – Some colors work better with certain home styles. Furthermore, some architectural model homes have specific roofing materials, which could come in a limited variety of colors. Color will also affect your style. Light shades can make your home look larger, while darker shades do the opposite.

  4. How the Roofing Material Color Looks In-Person – Looks can be deceiving. While a color may look nice online or in-store, it could look totally different in a neighborhood. Look for other homes with similar roof styles and colors before you install it to see if you like it its shade. Your roof’s appearance will also look different depending on the time of day, so seeing the shingle color under a different light will help you determine what you like best.

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